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Classification is the translation of the title of book into preferred artificial language of ordinal numbers. Classification helps in arrangement of books in library. Colon classification is analytic synthetic classification. It is the process of first analyzing the specific subject and at last stage synthesizing the class number which makes the CC an analytic Synthetic classification. By using our algorithm a readymade class number can be generated for various book title of each class.

This scheme is used with mixed notation. It has five fundamental categories (P, M, E, S, T). i.e. Personality, Matter, Energy, Space and Time. All these facet are connected with different symbols to form book formula.

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An index is a list of words or phrase, whose information can be found in a document. It include name of place, people, concepts, events etc.. Indexes are designed to help the readers who may find information quickly and easily. a complete and truly useful index is not a simple list of words in publication, but an organized map of its content.

Using our indexing app a user can generate its own index of keywords of a document.

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Bibliography is a procedure that identifies books in a specific discipline, by an author, publisher, period and place, etc. It is also a list of source materials that have been used or consulted in the respective paper/article/short communication, etc. This standard has been prepared for convenience of all users, authors, researchers, editors, as well as for publishers. The use of standardization of bibliographic references easily & quickly an attempt has been made towards making an on-line application for all researchers, as well as, for authors from all fields.

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